Why Buy a
Pre-Engineered Metal Building?
  • Design

    A pre-engineered building allows you to outsource the design process to the manufacturer—that’s us. Your unique building package will come with a full set of drawings for erection purposes.

  • Quality

    Metal buildings offer unmatched durability and resistance to the elements. With the engineering flexibility to meet a wide variety of wind and snow-load requirements, there’s no better way to guarantee your structure’s long-term viability.

  • Flexibility

    No matter the size or application, each building can be customized to your exact specifications. Whether it’s building with future growth in mind or adding features like cranes, mezzanines, or interior walls, the only limit is your imagination.

  • Cost

    The customization of pre-engineered buildings reduces cost by ensuring that each part is tailored to the individual building. Conventional construction is less specific by nature, which means that there is significantly more wasted material—and weight. The lighter design of pre-engineered buildings also decreases foundational requirements.

  • Speed

    While details vary by project, pre-engineered buildings can usually be designed, manufactured, and erected in under a quarter of the time needed for conventional. That can be the difference between an 8-week turnaround… or 30.

Why Trust Your Pre-Engineered Metal Building to NBS?

Location. People. Service.

Nash Buildings is a local, family owned & operated business. This means that when you work with us, you are not dealing with a faceless corporation. You are a valued customer. When you call NBS, we promise a helping member of our team will answer & direct you to the person that is most suited to help you – never a department or automation. From there, we work to build and protect the relationship. We remember names, locations, and other project details like it’s our job…because it is. With NBS, you will always feel that you are not only an important part of the project, but to our business as well.

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