About Metal Components

Although we specialize in complete, pre-engineered building packages, we understand that not every situation calls for a whole new building. To meet the needs of each unique circumstance, we also sell the components necessary for a variety of projects on an individual basis.

Some common applications include…


-Insulation retrofits

-Adding partition walls



-Adding overhead doors

Panels and Trims

Comprising the “skin” of a metal building, panels and trims are used on virtually every project in our industry. We run two panel profiles in-house—Ag and R—with standing seam and soffit panels available upon request. Our exposed fastener panels are widely used across the industry, so they match up well for customers working on existing buildings. They also offer excellent resistance against wind and corrosion for use in all environments.

We also manufacture a full complement of standard trims to match each panel. Custom trims can also be made easily to help navigate tricky situations on the job. We stock coil in both 26 and 29 gauge in a wide variety of colors, so we can tailor a solution to nearly any problem. Our full color chart in both gauges can be found here (link to color chart page when we get it right). Whether it’s aesthetic or structural, our panels and trims are designed to stand the test of time—and look good doing it.

Secondary Framing

In addition to our exterior panels and trims, we also stock an array of cees, zees, and open channel in various lengths and gauges. Used in a wide array of commercial applications, these cold-formed members can be tough to find in our area. Beyond the standard cees and zees, we supply specialty components like single or double-sloped eave struts and customized flange breakdowns. Galvanized finishes are available in lieu of red-oxide in especially high-stress or corrosive environments.


A single metal building may feature 10 or more types of screws, bolts, and other fasteners. We know that trying to hunt down a particular fastener to finish a job can be a nightmare. That’s why we stock hundreds of types of screws and bolts in nearly every size, color, and profile on the market.

-Wood screws

-Purlin bolts

-Stitch screws


-TEK screws

-Flat-head bolts

-Long-life ZAC screws

-Stainless steel options

Don’t hold up a project trying to track down a particular screw. No matter what your application calls for, we stock a fastener that will get the job done.  

North Carolina’s Single Source Metal Building Supplier

Nash Building Systems was founded with the goal of making our customers’ jobs easier. That’s why we’re committed to being your one-stop shop for every metal building need. The components listed above cover the basics, but are by no means a complete list of our product offerings. We supply…

-Metal building doors


-Metal building windows



-Tube caulking

-Touch-up paint



-Roof boots

The point is, when you work with us, you don’t have to worry about where you’ll find each and every component needed to finish your job. It’s all right here.