A Wide Variety of Customers

Over the years, we’ve had the privilege of working with customers of all stripes. We sell direct to the public, so our clients come from all industries, though full-time contractors are our leading customer segment. We know that we are defined by the people we work with, so here’s a window into the customers that make us who we are.



Many of our customers erect our buildings (or other pre-engineered systems) on a daily basis. Their needs are very different from those of a first-time buyer. Full-time metal building contractors use us for several reasons, but the big one is simple: our buildings go up easily in the field. In the rare instances that issues do occur, we’re just around the corner with the necessary fix.



If you’re a general contractor with years of experience in metal building construction, we will be your helping hand throughout the entire process from design to delivery. If you’re a general contractor who has never handled a pre-engineered building project before, the same is true. Our team has decades of experience in the design and erection of these buildings and has helped familiarize many contractors with this type of construction. After communicating with our building experts, you’ll be confident in your ability to deliver excellent results on the specific project you’re working on.  And in the process, you can expand your area of expertise and grow your business by offering metal building options to a whole new potential customer base.



The rapid proliferation of metal roofing in eastern North Carolina has forced many roofing contractors to change the way they do business. We understand that some roofers may install exclusively metal roofs. Others may only put on one per year. Our familiarity with this market allows us to help guide those who need guidance and quickly and efficiently serve those who are already experts.



Eastern North Carolina is a region defined by agriculture. Farmers have shaped our area for centuries, and they continue to make an outsized impact today. NBS is grateful to count farmers as one of our most loyal and common customer bases. Part of the reason for this relationship we have with the agricultural community is simple: pre-engineered buildings are perfect for many farm applications.

Whether the needs are general (equipment storage, hay shelters) or highly specialized (horse riding arenas, sweet potato houses), pre-fabricated steel buildings are an economical, effective solution for farm use.

If you’re considering a project on your farm, we hope you’ll give us a call. We’re very familiar with the unique needs of the agricultural market and would be happy to discuss options. Our business would not be what it is today without the support and partnership of eastern North Carolina’s farmers.