About Nash Building Systems, Inc.

Nash Building Systems, Inc. (NBS) manufactures and distributes metal buildings, metal building components, and residential metal roofing. We are located in Tarboro, North Carolina.

After 20 years in the pre-engineered construction industry, we saw a need for metal building components manufactured here in eastern North Carolina. Freight costs, scheduling, and convenience made a locally available product attractive. In 2009 Carolina Metal Building Components (CMBC) was formed. Our customer response has overwhelmingly indicated that our vision was correct and sales doubled each of the first three years. In 2012 CMBC began offering a total building package. In 2013 CMBC became Nash Building Systems, Inc.

Our experience in the construction business has been instrumental to our success as a manufacturer. Having been in our customers shoes gives us a deep understanding of what those in the field want and need from a metal building supplier. We understand the challenges associated with being a metal building contractor, and that understanding helps us work every day towards solving those problems.

NBS is exactly what many companies seek to become: a small, close knit group of people who enjoy what they do; and strive every day to provide the best service and products possible at competitive prices. We want our customers to enjoy a rewarding and profitable experience. Everyone here is proud of the part they play in our success – AND YOURS. NBS can be further defined in large part by who we are, and who we are not.

We are not a large corporation, or publicly traded company. We are not required to answer to owners or directors located in another state. We are not out of touch with the local needs and issues. We have not forgotten how to shake someone’s hand and look them in the eye and do what is right.

We are… locally owned and operated. We are financially viable and fully insured. We are responsible – our decisions are made right here – and the buck stops here, period. We are committed to providing service and products on which we proudly put our name. And we are extremely thankful for the relationships and business our customers bring.

Whether you’re looking for a full commercial building, components for an expansion or repair, or just a roof for your house, we’re here to serve. We know our customers expect straight answers, accurate information, timely service, and high product quality….every time. That’s why we know we’re telling the truth when we say we’re your first, best, and only metal building stop. We don’t just sell products. We deliver solutions.